The partnerships established by Bigo Solutions over the years are based on collaboration: the efficient teamwork of Bigo's Team remains the priority skill even outside the walls of Palazzo Tesio.
Bigo Solutions affirms SAIS Trasporti as its main customer, Elmec Elettronica as commercial partnership and Streamax as technological partnership.

SAIS TRASPORTI is an important Passenger Transport company founded in 1926. One of the main players of Public Transport in Sicily. Strongly motivated in the development and application of the most modern technologies applied to the world of Transport, SAIS TRASPORTI has believed in the BigoSolutions project from the beginning and has favored its development, in order to obtain a last generation Hardware and Software platform; foundation of a growth process of the company towards a +Smart mobility for the knowledge, data diffusion and certification of the information related to Transport.
The vision of both companies is to evolve the current PT platforms (Fleet Management and Ticketing) and to enable innovative Multimodal services - Multimodal Smart Mobility Services. New ICT technologies, wireless communication systems, localization techniques, cooperative systems, IoT, etc. will improve the "quality and access to services" and the efficiency of Public Transport. We want the design of these solutions in Italy to have a state-of-the-art architecture that is flexible enough to expand over time and to include the concepts of SaaS and Cloud Computing and any emerging innovation.
More than 1,500 employees and over 17 years of experience in transportation safety solutions. On March 26, 2019, the European Commission issued a press release in which it welcomed the agreement on new EU regulations to help save lives. In particular, the Commission has proposed to make compulsory some safety measures in vehicles, not only CCTV but also Artificial Intelligence for the automatic detection of blind spots and technologies that warn the driver in case of drowsiness, distraction, unsuitable use of driving accessories: the partnership with Streamax navigates precisely in this direction.

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