TPL Builder

What is TPL Builder

TPL Builder implements the process of creating and normalizing TPL service data.

It allows customer to create, import and modify transport network and planning information by generating the reference operation program that feeds real-time processes.

TPL Builder allows for backward comparisons of the levels of completeness and adherence to it.

TPL Builder is designed to allow the user to build a database containing service data (trips, times, calendars, duties, etc...) and to guarantee, through the combination of these, travel planning and service quality analysis functionalities. The program is also able to import service data from external sources.

TPL Builder allows you to easily enter and modify data related to stops or trips and to display them in tabular or cartographic form, visually representing the transport service offered by the customer on the territory through the use of maps that allow the interaction to the user.

By analyzing the geographical position of the stops and imposing average speeds of the vehicles adjustable by the user, TPL Builder can develop an accurate forecast of the travel time of the entire journey, the route between two stops and the arrival and departure time of the vehicle at each stop.

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