Bus Tracker

What is BUS Tracker

BUS Tracker is a telematic solution for monitoring, service certification and user information.

It allows TPL companies to have real-time information and data related to the service through the following functions:

  • Real-time localization of vehicles
  • Cartographic and tabular representation
  • Statistical analysis and service certification
  • On-board devices integration
  • Information for users

PT Fleet Management SW Platform BUS Tracker

PT Fleet Management SW Platform BUS Tracker

It manages and archives the data communicated by each vehicle and makes them available through a dedicated interface.

It offers an evaluation of the performance of the service offered and diagnostics of the status of the on-board devices.

It collects and stores data from the fleet for a period of at least 2 years.

It manages the monitoring and control of PT services in real-time and gives the possibility of connection with every single vehicle.

BUS Tracker on board

It is a touch panel interfaced to the power supply and communication network of the vehicle, designed to make it easier for the driver to interact with the control unit. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, customizable according to the customer's needs.

Passenger services

BUS Tracker makes information available for the development of APPs on smartphone devices, websites and other platforms accessible to passengers.

It supports users in the:

  • Travel planning
  • Search for the nearest stop
  • Evaluation of waiting times
  • Acquisition of news related to service disruption, strikes, etc...

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