What's Termoscanner

During the global pandemic period, BigoSolutions recognized the need for its customers to adapt to circumstances to increase safety during bus travel. The Termoscanner is a device equipped with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence chipset that integrates an array of thermal sensors and a facial recognition algorithm, offering in addition to the recognition itself also the detection of body temperature and the possibility to verify the presence of the personal protection mask complying with the COVID-19 requirements of the current national decrees.

The device, mounted on board of buses near the passengers boarding door, or at the entrance of Sais Trasporti's ground offices, allows the detection of body temperature with a high degree of accuracy (± 0,1 °C) and provides an alarm both vocal (in real time) and historicized on DataBase.
It operates on a wide radius allowing a detection range of up to 2 meters. Operation in all lighting conditions (typical of in-vehicle use) is achieved thanks to the automatic adjustment of the backlighting according to the light intensity detected in real time in the scenario of use.
The devices are powered through an appropriate adapter with a continuous voltage of 12 V. Thanks to the RJ 45 connector, the Thermo Scanner is inserted into the company network (on board buses this is done through the router of the on-board telematics network) and becomes to all intents and purposes a device with its own address that can be remotely controlled by means of a client-desktop application that makes it possible to carry out both configuration and set-up operations, as well as consultation of the data collected and subsequent statistical analysis. In particular, it is possible to make daily queries to verify whether all individuals: drivers, train staff, passengers and/or visitors (in the case of access to offices) have accessed in total safety (from the point of view of measuring body temperature) and with the use of the protective surgical mask.
Thanks to the facial recognition algorithm, the devices supplied also offer the possibility of creating an archive of employees and, with an accuracy of 99.9%, allow face recognition for the detection of presence and the use or not of the mask. Operations take place extremely quickly, given the type of use envisaged. 50ms are guaranteed for the measurement of body temperature and a maximum of 200ms for the recognition of the face and the presence of the mask.

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