What's Infomobility

Bigo Solutions' Info Mobility LCD is an elegant and robust liquid crystal display capable of providing next stop announcements combined with advertising information. The display is connected to the on-board telematics network and connects with a Content Management System in the cloud that allows to easily update contents and schedules.

The main features of the product are:

  • Android system, flexible and open;

  • Aluminum frame with good heat dissipation and fixing;

  • Automatic brightness setting based on ambient light;

  • Automatic screen failure detection, remote diagnosis, no manual on-site inspection.
It includes connection to a schedule scheduling platform (Content Management System) that guarantees:

  • Visual programming: Simple and easy-to-use graphic editing;

  • Free screen division: The system supports any screen division and combination. Video, images, text and other information can be played in any combination and layout;

  • Timed content scheduling: Playback content can be played at the specified date and time and for the specified period.

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