Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence systems distributed by Bigo Solutions

Bigo Solutions offers advanced technology aimed at helping and supporting drivers, in order to guarantee safer and, as far as possible, risk-free assisted driving.

In particular, the proposed solution consists of two innovative devices that exploit artificial intelligence algorithms: the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and the Driver Status Monitor (DSM).


The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is used to reduce risks by detecting complex situations that arise while driving the bus. It provides early warning, such as an unexpected lane change warning and real-time collision warning.

Bigo Solutions ADAS radar autobus


Driver Status Monitor (DSM) is an auxiliary driving alarm system based on a sophisticated artificial intelligence VIDEO algorithm that allows to detect the driver's abnormal driving status. It supports automatic recognition of dangerous situations for driver and passengers and generates alarms in the following conditions: fatigue, distraction, smoke and telephone while driving.

Bigo Solutions DSM riconoscimento facciale

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