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1What is the minimum number of buses for which your fleet management system can be requested?
There is no minimum limit of buses, but of course costs are scalable depending on fleet size.
2Is it possible to purchase only hardware components and hosting software that the company already owns?
3What is the cost of the Bus Tracker system?
4Is it possible to purchase only video surveillance without the entire fleet management package?
5Can your systems be integrated with service planning platforms (e.g., Maior) ?
6Do you also handle long-distance customers, or just LPT?
7Do you deal with the installation of equipment on board buses?
8Do your solutions work solely in the cloud?
9How do I get a quote from one of your salespeople?
10How long do warranty services last?
11Do you provide driver training for your solutions?
12Do your products fall under "Industry 4.0"?

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