Security has become the main priority of everyone in every sector during a year in which Italy and all world, have been seriously damaged by Covid-19. Making security and comfort the main features of every trip is the principal goal of 4.0 Technology in transports, and this is the reason why Sais Trasporti decided to rely on us.

These are the words of our CEO Riccardo Bigotti to the Quotidiano di Sicilia about it : " We offer transports' telematic, starting from satellite tracking to fleet management, and of course total video survaillance system. With the technology we use with Sais Trasporti we know if each of their vehicles is early or late, if they are offering the correct service, digital passenger counting, bus capacity sensors, even an artificial intelligence that tells us if the driver is tired, fatigued, if he is smoking or if he is using his mobile, as well as thermoscanners to measure temperature of course. It's not just about fighting on the price of the ticket, but understanding that new technologies are one of the elements that guarantee the right quality. In this way travel becomes an experience for the user".

Here's the article.



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